General Information

When you subscribe to Quilty Box, you receive a referral link to share with your friends. If 3 of your friends use this link to subscribe to Quilty Box, you will receive a coupon for a Free Quilty Box! This coupon will apply $48 to your next renewal. That’s one Free Quilty Box!

Your referral link is supplied to you at checkout. You may also find this link on your account page. To access your account page, go to and select “Log In” at the top right. Then supply your account information and log in. From your account page scroll down to the Refer-a-Friend Progress Tracker and click “Refer More Friends.”


When your friend comes to our home page by using your referral link and makes a subscription to Quilty Box, you will receive credit for that subscription. You need 3 referred subscriptions before the Free Box coupon is applied to your account.

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